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Buy Central Air Conditioning

When your Air conditioner reaches the 15-year mark, you may start hearing strange noises, experience leaking and it might even emanate odd smells. These are all signs you need a new unit. Buying a new central air conditioning system is a process that should be done according to the design of your home. Let City Energy design the perfect cooling solution tailored to the size and layout of your living space.

Buy Ductless Air Conditioning

If your home doesn’t have built-in ductwork then buying a ductless air conditioning system is the perfect solution. Ductless AC units are excellent options to cool down additional spaces like your garage, solarium or any add-on space without ducts. Many homeowners opt to add a heat pump to make use of one HVAC system to heat or cool their living space for 365 days of the year.

City Energy is the preferred choice for Home Cooling Solutions

There’s no air conditioning company or service that compares because of our attention to detail and the level of commitment we bring to our clients. We provide every air conditioning service required and are the only HVAC company you will ever need to call again.

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You never have to worry about permits if they are required for your neighbourhood.

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We offer a 100% guaranteed satisfaction policy & high-quality customer care.

Ma Mo (Ma Mo)
Ma Mo (Ma Mo)
They are professional , hard working & On-time . They installed 2 HVAC and one AC system for us . I am very happy to work with them .
Hailemariam Saramo
Hailemariam Saramo
I am really your businesses, I am happy for your work,now I don't worry about summer. Thanks again your service!!!
James Goe
James Goe
Great service and fair price. The guys did a phenomenal and quick service. They were transparent and informative in the work they were doing. Highly recommend
bahmoon gj
bahmoon gj
Repair was done fast the Repair my Air conditioning & Furnace in Richmond hill we are very happy with Service thanks guys.
Homa Nikmanesh
Homa Nikmanesh
Extremely professional and great quality service and completed the job in no time . Thank you and I will recommend you to all my friends and family
We used City Energy to install a furnace during a renovation. We got quotes from 3 companies and City Energy was the most cost competitive and creative in configuring new ductwork in a tight space. We have used them twice for repairs on another furnace and both times they arrived quickly and carried out the repair professionally without trying to upsell us on a new furnace. Highly recommend.
Absolutely great experience. He was very honest and took time to explain everything.
kevin niko
kevin niko
Use City Energy for maintenance of all our commercial HVACS. They work with all different makes. They have a great ability at fixing the units instead of trying to force a new unit. Really trust worthy company, I will definitely continue to use them. They always show up on time and on schedule to maintain all of units.
Civic Optical
Civic Optical
Great company to work with. Very professional and knowledgeable people. Great at meeting all our needs, work with all different brands of equipment. Very good communication, always explained the work in terms I was able to understand. Always on time, never had to wait for them to show up. Defiantly would use again.
Pouya M
Pouya M
I’m quite happy with their work. They showed up on time and did the job as requested.

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Air conditioning explained

Central Air Conditioning

Central air conditioning is one of the most common systems of air conditioning in North York and the GTA. This system has an indoor unit to cool down the air (evaporator) and an outdoor unit to release the warm air (condenser). This system relies on ductwork to deliver cool air to all of the rooms in the home. 

how central air conditioning worksComponents of a central air conditioning system

  1. Evaporator: Cooling coils remove heat and humidity from the air inside.
  2. Blower: Is a fan on top of the evaporator that circulates the air to deliver it to the home
  3. Hot coils release the heat into the outside air.
  4. Compressor: A pump that moves refrigerant between the evaporator and condenser to chill the indoor air.
  5. Fan: This blows air over the condenser to dissipate heat outside.
  6. Filter: This filters out any particles that would otherwise fly out of the ductwork.
  7. Thermostat: The system to regulate the amount of cool air is needed for cooling.


How the process of central air works

The thermostat is normally located in a central room of your home and is a control unit that monitors the temperature of the indoor air. It triggers the system to begin cooling air when it detects the room temperature has risen above the desired level. 

Once the signal is sent to begin the cooling process, the fans from the indoor unit begin. This pulls hot air into the evaporator through the air ducts. The air is then filtered for dust, lint, particles, etc. The filtered warm air then passes over a cold evaporator coil. 

Heat is absorbed by the refrigerant as it converts into gas. This cools the air as it passes over the coils and is then sent by the blower back into the home through the ductwork.

The refrigerant that was used to cool the indoor air is then pumped to the outside unit. It is forced into condenser coils where a large fan pulls outside air in and the heat is then absorbed and released outside. The refrigerant is converted back into a liquid and sent back to the inside unit to continue the cooling process.

Split system air conditioners

A split system air conditioner means that there are two separate units that make up the system. The indoor and outdoor unit. Split systems can come as a single-stage system, a two-stage system and a multi-stage system. The multi-stage system is the most energy-efficient and the quietest version of all three options. 

Packaged air conditioners

These units operate the exact same as a split system would, by passing air through the evaporator and condenser coils. Rather than have an indoor unit and an outdoor unit, all components are housed in the same unit. Packaged air conditioning systems are used when there is no room for the indoor unit or a rooftop installation is preferred.

Ductless air conditioning

A ductless air conditioning system is designed to deliver cool air to specific areas and rooms. Unlike central air systems, a ductless system connects rooms only with tubing, a copper wire and an electrical line. This is usually the choice made for older homes that rely on a water boiler for heat since there are no air ducts.

A ductless system is similar to central air in the sense they operate as a split system. There is an indoor and outdoor unit. The indoor units can be mounted on a wall, put in the flooring or installed as a ceiling cassette. They are not plugged in or installed in windows-they are wired into your home. An HVAC contractor is required to install a ductless air conditioning system.

We Serve Areas Including Thornhill, Richmond Hill, Markham, Vaughan, North York, Aurora, King City, and Greater Toronto Area.

Have any questions about our home cooling solutions? We have all the answers for you. Our experts understand the requirements from the ground up. Here are a few questions that are frequently asked by our customers.

In Southern Ontario, you could pay anywhere from $3,000-$8,000 depending on a few different variables:

  1. Size of your home, layout, number of stories, whether you already have ductwork.
  2. Code requirements for permits or unique demands placed by your homeowner’s association or board of directors. 
  3. Upgrades and custom choices such as types of filters for air quality, energy efficiency, etc.
  4. Warranties and maintenance plans.

The size of an AC unit is determined by a number of factors such as the size of your home, the age, the airflow, how many windows and doors you have and how insulated your home is. These variables determine the airflow and heat loss and should always be calculated by a professional to avoid complications with your unit and cooling your home.

You should change the furnace filter at least 4 times a year. Since both heating and cooling systems use the air ducts, keep your furnace filter clean to ensure your air quality remains high. Click here for more suggestions on how to prepare an air conditioner for the summer season.

Most air conditioners last 10-15 years, however, if your air conditioner is breaking down too often, isn’t big enough to cool your home or is demonstrating other safety issues you may need to buy a new air conditioner.

We Serve Areas Including Thornhill, Richmond Hill, Markham, Vaughan, North York, Aurora, King City, and Greater Toronto Area.