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Furnace Repair Services

No Heat?! Repair Your Furnace With Confidence and Ease

Lack of heat can make Canadian winters difficult and uncomfortable. That’s why a furnace that isn’t working can be such a source of stress and anxiety Thankfully, City Energy can provide you with furnace repair services near you that can make you smile and relax again. If you’re sick and tired of being cold, contact City Energy.

We offer services in Richmond Hill, Markham, Aurora, Vaughan, King City, North York and the surrounding Greater Toronto Area.

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Providing Excellent HVAC Technicians in the Greater Toronto Area

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We offer 24/7 Emergency Service to all of our customers. You can always count on CITY ENERGY Experts to get to you fast and do the job right the first time! We use state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment to find the source of your heating and air conditioning problems and fix them fast.


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Two Furnace Repair Solutions Delivered Directly to Your Door

At City Energy, we strive to deliver custom solutions that are perfectly fit to y our needs and standards. A service call from one of lour licensed heating contractors will provide every answer to every question about your heating system and furnace repair options. Use our furnace repair services once and you’ll never need another HVAC company again! Read our reviews and discover why we are the perfect choice to handle your heating repair and installations needs.

One-time Furnace Service Call

If your furnace is broken, schedule a service call for $150 to have your problem diagnosed by one of our fully licensed technicians. Our vans come fully stocked and we can often fix the problem in a same-day visit. 

What’s involved in a service call?

  • Full diagnostic on your heating system by a fully licensed City Energy Technician
  • A written quote for parts and labour
  • Full credit of service call put towards your furnace repair

Protection Plans

Protect your investment and get an extended warranty on parts and labour with the purchase of any new furnace. Extended warranties are good for an additional 7 years of labour with the purchase of a new unit.

What do you get in a protection plan?

  • Every new unit automatically comes with 10 year parts warranty
  • When you buy a new furnace you also get 2 year warranty on labour
  • Add an additional 5 year warranty with a maintenance agreement

Get a $0 Diagnostic check and FREE service call on your furnace today!

Offer expires March 31st, 2023. Diagnostic and service calls are free when you choose City Energy Heating & Air Conditioning to repair your furnace.

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We repair furnaces from ALL of the leading brands!

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Why Choose City Energy for Home Furnace Repair in Ontario?

We offer the most energy-efficient central heating furnaces for new installations, repair and maintenance in residential & commercial buildings. We’re proud representatives of Armstrong brand and it is the most trusted furnace brand in the market. We repair and service any furnace brand available on the market. City Energy Heating & Air Conditioning will also help you to upgrade your oil or electric furnace to natural gas furnace (furnace, water heater, boiler) to reduce your utility bills to as low as possible.

Furnace Repair Near Me

When the Weather Turns Cold, Richmond Hill & Thornhill Stays Cozy City Energy@Heating & Cooling With More Than 25 Years Of Home Heating Experience And A Team Of Local HVAC Technicians, We’ve Got your Neighbourhood Covered.

Furnace Maintenance & Heating System Repair Specialists

You don’t have to suffer the cold or heat. We are available to repair, service and maintain your furnace. Don’t compromise your comfort.

City Energy heating & air conditioning specializes in serving the Greater Toronto Area. We are based out of Markham and we regularly serve clients throughout North York. Call a licensed technician now to get your system up and running.

5 Reasons we’re your #1 HVAC company for heating system repair and installations

City Energy provides customers with service that’s budget-friendly and devoid of pesky hidden fees.

Our technicians are experienced and trained professionals who are eager to please.

We can repair any and every problem you have with your furnace.

Our team members use state of the art equipment that’s advanced and dependable.

We offer 100% satisfaction guarantees that can give you full peace of mind.

Common Furnace Issues

We can help you take care of a vast assortment of common furnace issues here. It doesn’t matter if you have soiled filters, a faulty thermostat, persistent cycling, or pilot control difficulties. We can accommodate you well. If your furnace just isn’t getting any power, we can help you out. If your furnace is making odd sounds, we can get to the bottom of the matter, too. The technicians on our staff have a lot of experience with typical furnace problems that run the gamut. They regularly fix furnaces that do not heat living spaces adequately. They just as regularly fix furnaces that constantly switch on and off. They even fix furnaces that have blower parts that are faulty and unreliable.

Furnace Troubleshooting Suggestions

Several troubleshooting tips may help you take charge of furnace troubles that pop up in your home. Air filter replacement or cleaning can often work. It can also help to pay attention to your thermostat. If you replace its batteries, you may be back in business. Other options include resetting the circuit breaker, switching out a filter that may be clogged, and assessing your burner flames. It’s critical to see to it that your burners are devoid of debris.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does Furnace Repair Cost on Average?

It’s important to understand that average furnace repair costs vary based on a number of key factors. If you have an electric furnace, repairing it may cost you anywhere between $150 and $500. If the electric furnace damage is particularly severe, you’ll most likely have to pay more.

Oil and gas furnaces are different. Fixing these types of furnaces may cost anywhere from $300 to $1,200.

Why Isn't My Furnace Heating?

Figuring out why your furnace isn’t giving you any heat may be helpful. If the appliance isn’t heating, then trouble with the thermostat could be to blame. Perhaps it just isn’t on the “heat” setting.

Gas line troubles can sometimes contribute to furnace heating woes. If you assess your shut-off valve outdoors, you may be able to confirm that your gas is indeed switched on.

Airflow limitations occasionally interfere with heating. Air duct obstructions can inhibit airflow significantly, after all. If your furnace is only heating certain areas of your living space, airflow limitations may be the culprit.

Are you overdue to switch out your air filters? If you haven’t taken care of that task for a while, that may explain your furnace heating headaches.

How Exactly Do You Repair a Furnace?

Certain strategies may help you fix furnace woes. Drain line flushing can often work, first of all. Look at your exhaust and intake vents and heat pumps, too. Are they filthy due to the presence of debris and leaves? Cleaning these things may help get your furnace back on the right track. Focus on your blower as well. Is it operating? If it’s functioning but not releasing any heat whatsoever, a simple filter replacement may be a hassle-free solution.

How Much Does Furnace Motor Replacement Cost?

If your furnace just isn’t doing its job anymore, then it may be time for you to replace its motor. Replacing this may cost you $1,200. It may cost you upward of $2,400. Heat exchanger replacement tends to cost a similar amount of money. Think about whether your motor is still under warranty. That will definitely influence your replacement costs when all is said and done.

Should I Replace or Repair My Furnace?

You may wonder whether your furnace is actually worth fixing. If you installed your appliance more than 15 years ago, replacement is your best bet. Think about the state of your furnace, too. Do your furnace repair expenses surpass half the cost of investing in a brand-new one? If your repair costs have gotten out of hand in recent times, you may want to seriously consider a full replacement.

How Can I Test Out My Furnace?

Are you interested in testing out whether your furnace is actually functional? Try a temperature rise check. Put your thermostat on the heat setting. Increase the temperature by 10 degrees. This step should activate your furnace. Hold tight for roughly 15 minutes. Your appliance should run nonstop. It shouldn’t switch off at all. If it switches off, assess your thermostat. Short cycling can signify a furnace issue that you should address right away.

How Long Does a Blower Motor Last?

Furnace blower motors are supposed to match actual furnaces in the lifespan department. That means that they typically remain dependable and effective for anywhere between 10 and 20 years. If you make routine upkeep a priority, your motor may reward you with better longevity.

How Much Does a Furnace Inspection Typically Cost?

Are you concerned about the condition of your furnace? It may be time to invest in a professional furnace inspection that can give you the answers you need and deserve. If you make an appointment for a full furnace diagnostic with City Energy, it costs $150. This amount is credited back to you for further repairs of probems uncovered by the diagnostic inspection.

It’s crucial to understand that many things go into furnace safety and functioning inspections.

HVAC technicians who perform inspections assess air filters at length. They replace filters in many cases, too. These technicians tackle outdoor unit cleaning duties. They thoroughly clean coils, blowers, blades, and fans. They also evaluate fuel pressure, pilots, and airflow with great care

Contact the City Energy Team A.S.A.P. to Make a Furnace Repair Appointment

Are you trying to find a first-class furnace repair service in North York, Ontario? Reach out to our North York-based HVAC company as soon as you can to schedule an appointment. We have a reputation for providing customers with furnace service that’s detail-oriented, advanced, and meticulous.